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Best fintech companies in Brazil

In the Brazilian startup scene a number of fintech companies have made their way to the top of the list over the past few years.

In a 2016 survey the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM) found out that a large percentage of fintechs (almost 30%) were active in the sector of financial education. Others had put their focus on automated devices, distributed ledger technologies, algorithm trading, crowdfunding, digital securities and more. And most of them were looking for possible partners and investors. To start their companies, very view founders were lucky enough to receive crowdsourcing support or find institutional investment partners or even angel investors. The biggest part of the founders were using their own resources or were backed by their families to initiate their activities.


The most famous Brazilian fintech startup in 2018 is certainly Nubank, a credit card and bank account provider that was established in 2013 and which has its headquarters in São Paulo. In 2018, it became a unicorn startup by raising another 150 million USD. Before Nubank only two other startups in Brazil have reached this level being the taxi app 99 and the payment provider PagSeguro.


Creditas (formerly BankFacil) is a lending platform that offers loans to its users in Brazil by accepting cars and real estate as a guarantee. Brazilians are frequently using credit to pay for any type of consumption. No matter if it is a shirt or groceries, everything is paid in installments. Creditas’ objetive is to offer credits for better conditions than traditional banks are doing it. In mid 2018, Creditas had way over 250 employees and is probably already crossing the line of 300. Their platform is basically connecting users with different providers who are offering loans for various conditions.


Guiabolso is another Brazilian fintech that is helping users to understand and control their own personal or professional expensens. As a user, you need to register your bank account in the app which will then access all financial transactions taking place in your bank account. This is certainly quite a challenge for users concerned with data protection and privacy. Surprisingly, at this moment Brazilians do not think too much about data protection. However, this is very likely to become a bigger topic in the coming years.

Once your financial transactions are loaded into in the app, they all will be classified into different categories (like food, entertainment, bills etc). The user can then choose graphical formats to understand in which category he is spending most of his money. And adjust his expenses if necessary.


Bidu is a platform selling insurance products of other companies. Users have access to various kinds of insurances  for cars, motorbikes, healthcare, travel, pets, notebooks, tablets and other types of electronic devices, business insurance and many more. Users visiting the platform can choose the type of insurance they are looking for, fill out a couple of forms and will then receive (in a number of seconds as they say) offers from several insurance companies. Bidu is basically a sales channel for countless insurance products.

In mid 2018, Bidu was bought by another insurtech: Thinkseg from São Paulo, a very similar business with a few distinctions. While Bidu is connecting users with insurance companies, Thinkseg is offering a number of pre-defined insurance products from brokers who can register themselves on the website. Also, the variety of offers from Thinkseg is much smaller. Before the aquisition, the company had about 80.000 registered clients and 3.000 active clients. Together with Bidu these numbers went up to 2 million registered and 23.000 active clients. It is open so far, if the two brands will continue to work separately or if they might merge in the near future.


PicPay is a digital payment app that started in 2012. PicPay users can download the app to their mobile phone and add credits by transfering money directly from their bank accounts or through a boleto transfer. Credit card holders can also register their card in the app and have all payments done through their card.

Once credits or a credit card are registered in the app users can make payments directly in stores, cafés and other places that accept PicPay payments. Besides that, several bills can be paid through the app like electricity, mobile providers, Uber credits, public transportation tickets (bilhete único), online gaming providers and more. Users can also transfer money directly to PicPay accounts of friends through a simple messaging service. Much easier than traditional banking transfers and without fees.

Negocie Online

Negocie Online is a digital agency to negotiate credit payments users have to made to a number of companies. It is a digital debt-collector working for TV providers, credit card companies, banks and other financial institutions. Negotiations are made through the platform of this startup, factoring out annoying phone calls.


Adimplere is another startup that is supporting companies to communicate with defaulting clients. Through their platform this team will negotiate installments and outstanding payments. Interestingly, the company mentions on their website that also traditional means of communication like telephone and letters (sic, they still exist) are part of their strategy.


Vérios is a startup attending small and medium investors. With the help of technology they are developing portfolios adjusted to the individual needs and interests of the clients. They call it an intelligent portfolio, a selection of different types of investments taking into consideration individual objectives, fee structures, diversification options, risk readiness and other variables. And the support does not stop here. 24-7 portfolio monitoring is part of Vérios’ services as well.

In 2018, the company received financial support of 5,2 million reais from startup investors like e.Bricks Ventures to strengthen their platform and general activities. At that time, Vérios was a team of ten people administrating client investments of 200 million reais through their platform.


Dataholics was founded in 2011 and runs a platform to analyze user data available through the Internet. By collecting personal information that users publish online (e.g. social media) this startup can develop a profile of the users in regard of their income for example which can then become part of a social score companies would access to identify possible clients for their own products.

In the past years, Dataholics has gained prices for their Artificial Intelligence solutions.


Going to a bar, to a club, to a festival, to a restaurant or any other place where you eat and drink it is always the same procedure. You choose, you order, you pay. Sometimes you pay everything at the very end, sometimes you pay each individual order. And you always need to deal with cards or cash and change. ZigPay offers a different payment form via mobile phone app. Users connect their credit card to the ZigPay app and the establishment (after registering at ZigPay) can easily receive payments through the app. Nice and easy. No more queues.


BeeTech started as an online money exchange service and later also added an international money transfer option. Users can calculate and buy a number of currencies on the company’s website, among them USD, EUR, Pesos (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and others), BP, Australian Dollar etc. And then they can choose a place where they pick up the amount or the company delivers it to the client’s address. Obviously, this service only works in places where BeeTech as any kind of physical presence or local representatives. And that is usually a small number of capital cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and a few more.

The additional money transfer service offers international transactions to any bank account in up to 2 days. Within this international transfer option the company offers special deals for paying real estate installments and more.

Poupa Certo

Poupa Certo is a financial planning app for beginners. Simple and easy to use. The app separates your expenses into different categories and shows you where you spend most. It also has a little gaming section that should help you learn how to put money on the side.

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