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Salaries in Brazil

There are different models how to manage your Internet business in Brazil. In previous articles we have addressed a few options for those who are starting their Internet business in Brazil. You can manage your activities from outside the country in case you have a local partner who is taking care of the necessary activities on the ground. Depending on the type of your activities this could be a local business associate or external partners, freelancers, specialized agencies etc. Once your business has reached a considerable size you might be interested in contracting full-time employees in Brazil. Before you do this, it is necessary to analyze all the expenses and administrative tasks that your company will need to take care of. Brazil has a complex system of labor regulations and taxes which is why companies are hiring accountants or accounting companies to correctly fulfill these obligations. 

Do I need an accountant in Brazil?

There are certain legal criteria that oblige companies to hire professional accounting services, for example when they cross a revenue line which – depending on the currency conversion rate and the annual adjustments – lies somewhere around one million USD. If your companies annual revenues in Brazil lie below this value you are not legally obliged to contract accounting services but nevertheless you are recommended to do it anyways to keep your books straight. Accounting services can be hired for different values. Depending on the volume of transactions a monthly fee of 50-200 USD is what Brazilian accountants will charge.

Besides the accounting services that will work out all necessary legal requirements for you, the salary of your future employees is what entrepreneurs are interested in. Salaries differ between industry sectors and types of activities. The values in this article are referring to the Brazilian Internet industry in 2019 but they are to a certain extent comparable with other sectors as well.

How high are salaries in Brazil?

In Brazil, junior positions for assistant tasks are often filled with interns (estagiários) who earn about 1000 BRL per month. There is a special legislation for internships that companies need to comply with.

Full-time employees earn roughly between 2000 and 5000 BRL per month, whereas 2000 is a starting salary for young employees and students (in Brazil, university students are allowed to work full-time and many do so to pay their tuition fees). The more experienced the employees are, the higher their level of education is and the more complex their tasks, the salaries go up. Besides the salary, Brazilian companies also give certain extras to their employees like food cards (for lunch break), public transportation tickets, health care etc. Employees are using these benefits in their daily lives and companies are thus able to reduce their tax burden.

Larger employers including international and multinational companies are paying higher salaries. Leading employees in these companies can earn 10, 15, or 20 thousand BRL per month, plus benefits. When it comes to the Internet industry we are here talking about large search engines, social media giants and similar globally active companies. A local small and midsize e-commerce provider (or comparable Internet company) is paying as mentioned in the model above (2000-5000 BRL).

Freelancers and external collaborators

Besides having full-time employees, Brazilian companies are also using freelancers and similar external cooperators who are paid fixed amounts per month or on an hourly basis, depending on the necessities of the company. For all these models there are legal regulations that companies need to comply with (here the importance of the accounting services becomes obvious again). The external collaborators can work from their home office or may have a work table in the company’s office. Their salaries are often higher than comparable full-time employees would earn. In the Internet industry, these values can be around 7000-10,000 BRL per month for an external employee.

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