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Great coworking spaces in Rio de Janeiro

Over the past years, the number of coworking spaces in Rio de Janeiro has increased to over 25 (early 2018). In the early 2000s, it was still very uncommon to have coworking spaces in the city. The economic boom of the following years and the growing digital economy brought several new forms of business activities and cooperations to the country. As a consequence people started opening coworking spaces in different parts of the city. And of course, coworking is not just for the digital economy or people willing to start an Internet business in Brazil. Also companies from other economic sectors started using the flexibility of workstations. They are available for a fixed monthly fee or as a package of hours (like 20, 30 hours etc).

About half of the coworking spaces in Rio de Janeiro are found in the Southern part of the city (Zona Sul, mostly in Ipanema and Botafogo). The other half is spread over the city center, the Northern part (Grande Tijuca, Meier, Del Castilho) and the Western part of town (especially Barra da Tijuca). It is important to understand, that Tijuca (also called Grande Tijuca to include its neighboring regions) and Barra da Tijuca are NOT the same neighborhood and they are located far from each other.

Since Zona Sul and Barra da Tijuca are affluent regions this is also where coworking spaces will charge higher prices. At the same time, these regions are mostly visited by tourists, digital nomads, and business travelers. Whoever is interested to see more of Rio de Janeiro than the tourist neighborhoods could also take a look at coworking companies in other parts of town. Especially the North of Rio has some great and less crowded places, less road traffic and more attractive prices.

All coworking spaces in Rio de Janeiro offer similar price models. Users can rent a workstation (or sometimes a room for more people) for a number of hours or for the whole month. In early 2018, prices for packages of 20-30 hours were available for between 1.5 and 5 USD per hour. For a package of 100 hours coworking spaces in Rio de Janeiro are charging prices between 120 and 350 USD.

5 very different coworking spaces in Rio de Janeiro:


One o One

The One o One  coworking is located in the beautiful and calm neighborhood of Grajaú. Grajaú is part of the Grande Tijuca area in the North of Rio. It is a bairro of nature and old architecture from the early 20th century. Especially around Praça Edmundo Rego it is possible to see a lot of marvelous houses of that era. The coworking space itself is located in very calm street. It is run by people who believe in sustainability and ecological economy projects. One o One is inside a former residential family house and offers one ambiance of shared workplaces on large group tables made out of pallets. There are separate rooms for events and meetings, a kitchen and a yard to hang out. You can find restaurants and supermarkets very near as well. And every now and then they are organizing a party, art exhibitions and happy hours.

One o One Coworking

Colmeia Carioca

The Colmeia Carioca team is running a coworking space in Botafogo (Zona Sul). In May 2018, after five years of successful activities, they opened up a second location in the city center. This new space is aiming at corporate clients. It is located very close to the city airport Santos Dumont and to the bar association OAB.

Besides renting out workstations and individual rooms, Colmeia Carioca is offering additional services. Among them are accounting, legal advice, and business registrations. Newly founded companies can use the address as their official business contact.

Colmeia Carioca coworking


WeCompany is a modern and well designed corporate coworking environment with a large number of individual workstations. It is located in the shopping mall “Downtown”, in “the beginning” of Barra da Tijuca. Beginning, in this case, means looking from the perspective of someone arriving from the Southern part of town passing through São Conrado.

WeCompany has full equipment for events and professional meetings that can take place in one of their business meeting rooms. It is also offering special products like business address registrations and virtual office services.

Do you want to see a little more of their place? Take a look at this video:

Barra Cowork

As the name suggests already, Barra Cowork can be found in Barra, which is the short version of Barra da Tijuca (again: this is not Tijuca, but Barra da Tijuca). Barra Cowork has its office relatively close to WeCompany which means also at the beginning of Barra. Differently, than most other coworking spaces in Rio de Janeiro, Barra Cowork has open doors 24 hours per day. And it offers the full program: workstations, individual rooms, meeting rooms of different sizes, virtual office services, business address registration and more.

The overall appearance is of an unspectacular corporate outlook. And of course, right at Avenida das Americas, a kind of city highway crossing through the Western part of Rio de Janeiro.

Besides standard size meeting rooms, Barra Cowork offers larger event spaces for up to 70 people.

Polo Coworking

In case you have visited Rio de Janeiro already in the past, or even if you have never been to the city before, you surely have one or two pictures in front of your eyes when you hear the name of the city. And these pictures look somehow like a holiday postcard with beaches or tourist attractions.

Be prepared now, to learn about images of Rio de Janeiro that you, just as most other people outside Brazil, have never heard about. The modernized, concrete face of Rio de Janeiro. A place, in which people do not meet in public but through the windows of their cars or by walking through a building, most probably a shopping mall. That is where you find Polo Coworking, another corporate style space in the very North of Barra da Tijuca. Just between city highways, hotels, and shopping malls. Once you have seen, what urban planners and investors have created in this part of town you might want to start studying more about the history of Rio de Janeiro to understand what has happened here. This area has as much charm as a stone cube in the desert.

Polo Coworking offers the same services as any other coworking space being workstations, individual rooms, meeting environments, virtual office services and more. And most of their users are leaving great feedback to the place. However, if you are the type of person that likes to take a break by walking around outside to relax, watch people strolling through the streets or spend a couple of moments in a street café just to clear your mind before going back to work, this could be a difficult place for you to be. On the other hand, if you enjoy the world of drive-ins just get into your car and visit Polo Coworking.

Polo coworking

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