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Best search engines for office space in Brazil

When you are looking for office space in Brazil you can use a number of search engines. Most of the big real estate marketplaces or search engines in Brazil are focussing on both office space and residential property. All for rent and also for sale.

An important detail is what region or city you are looking for. Since the biggest markets for real estate are located in the larger cities that is where most search engines are focussing on. If you are looking for real estate or office space in a smaller city you might have to contact local agencies who will then help you out. However, first take a look online.

These are the 6 big real estate search engines in Brazil, followed by a famous classified ads website.

Zap Imóveis

Zap Imóveis is one of the biggest real estate search engines in Brazil, located in São Paulo. In its early days, it offered classified advertisements of several kinds. Today, its main focus is on real estate. You can find property ads from cities all over the country. Zap Imóveis addresses not just capital cities but also many smaller places in several states.


Viva Real

Viva Real is a former Columbian real estate marketplace that joined the Brazilian market in 2009. It became one of the market leaders together with Zap Imoveis. In 2017, the two companies joined forces forming the Zap Group. Viva Real is offering residential and office space in Brazil, all over the country.

Storia Imóveis

One of the latest real estate marketplaces that joined the Brazilian market is Storia Imóveis. Launched by OLX (see below) in early 2017 to compete with the growing Zap Group (see above), Storia Imóveis reached one million registered properties in less than a year of activities. By using data from their OLX client database Storia Imóveis wants to become the market leader in the next few years.

Quinto Andar

Quinto Andar is a relatively new real estate search engine. The company started their activities in 2012 in the city of Campinas, near São Paulo. The idea was to offer more than a search engine but to facilitate certain bureaucratic aspects in the life of their users. In Brazil, landlords are asking for different types of securities or guarantees when renting out an office or an apartment. And this is where Quinto Andar developed a new solution by jumping in with their own mechanism of financial security. Since their business model is very specific they are expanding slowly from one city to the other. In early 2018, Quinto Andar (which means “5th floor”) offered office space in Brazil in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Goiânia, and Campinas.

Lugar Certo

Lugar Certo is a well established real estate marketplace from the state of Minas Gerais. And that is where most of their clients can be found. More than half of the classified ads in their database are located in the city of Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais.

Imovel Web

Imovel Web belongs to the Navent Group from Argentina, one of the leading groups of online classified ads in Latin America. The Imovel Web search engine offers real estate in many parts of Brazil. Most of their offers are in the bigger metropolitan areas and capital cities. But they are also listing properties in a number of midsized cities, many in the South of Brazil.


OLX is a classified ads website active in over 30 countries. It belongs to the Dutch OLX Group and South Africa’s Naspers. It started its activities in Brazil in 2010. Although OLX is not a real estate search engine it has a lot of classified ads from the real estate sector. Especially private individuals are offering real estate on OLX making it easier to negotiate directly with real estate owners.

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